About Us
Fallen Evolution is a free MMORPG with tons of features. Choose up to 4 different classes, customize your character and chat with friends in-game, create your own guild/clan, battle monsters, learn techniques and spells, raise your own pet and use it in battle, train mining, fishing, cooking, and woodcutting skills to your advantage, obtain the best armors and weapons, become rich and famous! sign up and download the client today!

Elevations - CEO & Founder & Programmer

Contact Us
You can contact us by:
elevations@fallen-evolution.com / Elevations
There are two types of jobs you can apply for:
A Fallen Evolution job entitles you to work for FE only. You can work as an Artist/Graphics designer, Moderator, Programmer, Web-designer, Developer with no contract or long term planning.
A Elevations Productions job entitles you to work for the company including FE and future projects. You should only choose this job type if you plan to stay long term and are prepared to sign a contract to work for the company as a lead developer in any of the proffesions listed above.