Fallen Evolution 2021

Posted by elevations - 28/05/21 02:11AM

Its been awhile since we've had many updates currently working on making FE more fun and enjoyable
Have revamped the AOE weapons and level requirements, Improved Pet functionatlity And Fixed a whole lot of other minor bugs.

I have re-adjusted many of the AoE weapons range,

[Starter AoE weapons]

  • Dark Inferno Blade 6x
  • AoE Range Fire Blade 6x AoE Range
  • Blood Scythe 6x Aoe Range 50k damage
  • \Avalanche Blade 6x Aoe Range 50k
  • Damage Sunlight Heart 6x AOE 50k damage
  • Magmus blade 6x AoE Range50k damage
  • Excalibur 6x AoE Range 50k damage
  • Soul Edge 6x Aoe Range 50k damage

[Mid-game AoE Wep]

  • Slayer 7x AoE Range 50k Damage

[Crafted AOE weapons and events]

  • Legna Axe 8x AoE Range 100k
  • Damage Dread Axe 8x AoE Range 100k
  • Damage Spike Hammer 8x Aoe 100k damage
  • Bloodshedder 8x AoE 100k damage
  • Royal Arms 8x Aoe 100k damage
  • Divine Judgement 10x AoE 100k Damage

[Quest AoE Weapon]

  • Legendary Excalibur x12 (at max rank) 24x24 with AoE extender

[End game AoE Weapons]

  • Bone Sword 15x AoE
  • Living Sword 20x20 AoE
  • Original Fallen Blade 20x20 AoE

[Pet updates]

  • Pets now have a new quest menu
  • Pets can now pickup items on the entire map
  • Pets now store items into the Pet Locker (Requires Pet Bag) rather then Player Inventory
  • Pets no longer despawn while AFK

[Item Commands]

  • /Item command functional has now been improved
  • Will now tell you more information about items including stats, Drop location and more

[Training Areas]

  • Rabbit hole has returned!
  • New Paragon training area Dragonic Rage!
  • Fields of Glory revamped for new players drops reborn scrolls and gives quick levels

[Fields of Glory]

[AOE STORE (New aoe store for new players)]


Currently working on Chaos Lord Dungeon (Final Version) and bringing back the original fallen armor and Kamashi quest line.

[Important bug fixes]

  • Fixed chaos lord dungeon now farklar shows his quest menu correctly
  • Fixed chaos lord dungeon can now kill sirens using AoE weapons
  • Fixed chaos lord dungeon now able to use the PORTAL at any time during the quest
  • Fixed pride dungeon was not working at all now correctly works.
  • Fixed pride dungeon allows AoE weapons



Hiring mappers, pixelers, and quest writers!

Posted by elevations - 01/02/18 12:16AM

We are currently looking to hire new Mappers, Quest writers and Pixelers to join our Dev Team

if you would like to submit an application please join our FE Discord and post your application in the #applications channel.


New Pirate Quest!

Posted by elevations - 31/05/17 02:36AM

FE Update! We have now added a new area and quest to FE arghhh are you ready? Take on the Hydra beast that dwells on the hidden island! for ultimate treasure like you've never seen before!

Happy new year FE! 2017

Posted by elevations - 01/01/17 08:45AM

Hope you had a great year, thank you for all supporting FE for this many years We are now celebrating our 8th year of being online!

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